Cape Catfish looking for families to house players this summer

Cape Catfish looking for host families

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Do you have an extra room in your house?

If so you might be able to help out the Cape Catfish by hosting a player for the summer.

The new prospect baseball league in Cape Girardeau is getting ready to start and some of the catfish still need a place to stay.

“We’re inviting families to allow these young men to come into their homes for those 70 days,” said Cindy Gannon, assistant general manager for the Catfish. She said the season is just 70 days long and she expect it to fly by.

"They play 60 baseball games 30 of those are on the road 30 of those are going to be at home," said Gannon.

She said all they ask is that the host family has a bedroom for the college aged player and access to a bathroom.

“If they have children and they need to share the restroom with children that’s fine,” explained Gannon.

Gannon said being a host family comes with some perks.

"They will get free season tickets to all the games. We are going to recognize them at the home games, and they’ll be a part of the catfish family,” said Gannon.

As of right now they are still looking for homes for four players and families can host two players.

Gannon said the players will get into town on Memorial Day, May 27.

For more information on hosting a player click here.

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