Curbside recycling service to end in Perryville, MO

(Source: Pixabay/stock image)
(Source: Pixabay/stock image)(Source: Pixabay/stock image)
Published: Apr. 29, 2019 at 10:56 AM CDT
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PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Curbside recycling service offered to residents in the City of Perryville, Missouri is coming to an end.

The service, offered by the Perry County Solid Waste Committee, will halt at the end of April.

Anyone who wants to continue recycling will need to take their items to the Perry County Recycling Center.

According to Perry County Public Information Officer Amanda Layton, the Committee’s decision to end the recycling service is due to rising operational costs and the decrease in value of recyclable materials globally.

“The resale prices we are getting for recycled materials cover just a fraction of the labor and equipment costs associated with picking up the materials curbside," said Waste Management Supervisor Sheila Schnurbusch. “Unfortunately operating in the red is no longer sustainable.”

Residents were charged a $1 monthly fee to participate in the service. According to Schnurbusch a $5 or $6 monthly fee would be needed to make the service break even.

Schnurbusch reports the curbside service in Perryville was operating at more than $45,000 deficit annually due to rising operating costs and a decrease in the resale for recyclable goods.

The decrease for the global market for recycling began in 2017.

Several factors have reportedly caused a dip in the market including: China no longer buying loads of lower-grade papers, metals and plastics and manufacturers making thinner packaging that is not recyclable grade.

“In 2015, cardboard brought around $200 a ton,” Schnurbusch said. “Right now, we are getting $60 a ton. Two months ago, natural plastics brought in $700 a ton. That price has dropped to $300 a ton. Recyclable paper products like newsprint, magazines and office paper have also taken big hits.”

Despite the end of the curbside recycling service ending, Perry County Presiding Commissioner Mike Sauer, who serves as a member of the Perry County Solid Waste Committee, hopes residents will continue to recycle.

“It’s still important that as a community we continue to recycle,” Sauer said. “It’s in the best interest of the environment for us to keep landfills free of what we can reuse, but until global commodities improve, it doesn’t make fiscal sense to offer curbside pick-up.”

Residents recycling on their own can continue to use the blue recycling totes to transport recyclables to the Perry County Recycling Center.

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