Perry County, Illinois signs with consulting firm to help with efficiency, staying under budget

Budget concerns in Perry County, IL

PERRY CO, IL (KFVS) - County officials signed a contract on Tuesday morning, April 23 for a consulting firm to help review and improve it.

The county signed with consulting firm Bellwether to help with efficiency and staying under budget.

During the Perry County board meeting on Tuesday, April 16, county leaders put forth a proposed budget that would cut departments overall by $1.3 million.

On Thursday, April 18, a public county board meeting was scheduled at the Perry County Government building to have residents voice their concerns with the proposed budget. However, so many people showed up that they moved it over to the Knights of Columbus Hall in Pinckneyville.

During the meeting, county commissioners listened to concerns and problems from both the public and other county officials. Many residents focused their concerns with the proposed cuts to the sheriff’s department. They’re looking at losing about 65 percent of their budget, according to Sheriff Steve Bareis.

As a way out former county clerk, Josh Gross, who resigned his position at the beginning of the meeting for unrelated reasons, introduced the room to Bruce DeLashmit.

DeLashmit is the president of Bellwether LLC, a third party consulting firm out of Bloomington. He said that his firm comes in to municipalities with problems like in Perry County and helps fix them.

He told the room of residents and leaders that if they decide to hire his company’s services, they would come in and help “plug the holes” in the budget over the course of two weeks. Meaning that they would find where money is being spent needlessly and stop it.

From there, he said that his company works with different departments to help them figure out how to maximize efficiency and stay under budget.

Some county leaders were on board immediately; however, the price tag of $24,000 made some hesitant.

Following the signing of the contract, the firm will work with departments and will provide an update of its findings at the City Council meeting on Thursday, April 25 at 6:30 p.m.

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