Cyber security safety workshop in Christopher, IL

Cyber security workshop

CHRISTOPHER, IL (KFVS) - The Christopher School District held a cyber security safety workshop on Tuesday, April 16.

Butch Wilson the Director of Technology for the school district said he decided that he needed to make those in the community aware of the dangers that come with using the internet.

This comes after hearing some had fallen victim to scams where they gave strangers access to their computers and were asking for money to do repairs.

Wilson said that it’s important to try to do your own research when contacted by someone else asking for money when online or on the phone.

Wilson says that people should make sure they have strong passwords, be wary of pop ups, or posts on social media.

He even says to check your children’s credit score yearly because someone could have gotten a hold of their social security number. Wilson added that the cyber security industry will continue to grow but there will always be people that try and find ways to take advantage of others.

“Someone is always going to have their hand out and if you let someone into your computer then they are into your life,” said Wilson. “They are into your life, into your bills, they are into your credit cards, your finances, they are into all your information and your history.”

Wilson said he hopes to have more workshops like this in the future.

If anyone would like to learn more on how to stay safe online, they can visit the school’s website.

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