Woman finds old photo in frame at Goodwill in Cape Girardeau

Couples photo found at Goodwill

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you do a lot of thrifting, sometimes you can pick up an item that can be worth more than you think.

Crystal Banks said she found a unique picture frame while shopping at Goodwill but, when she got it home, and opened it up something very personal was inside.

Banks is talking about the frame she found at the Goodwill store in Cape Girardeau.

“We were just like over here looking at all the picture frames and things because sometimes you can find really neat ones, and we found one that kind of resembled like this and it had a white sheet of paper over it," she said.

Banks removed the paper and found a photo it showed a man and woman, their heads touching.

“Its old and he’s got overalls on, and he was probably a farmer and the love of his life is next to him. She had an old pendant thing in the front there,” she said.

Banks said if this was her photo, she would want it back.

“My dad passed away last year and we try to collect and keep all the memories and the pictures and things," added Banks.

Goodwill store manager Maria Horn said they receive several calls a month about items accidentally mixed in with donations.

“In an instance like that we will just ask that you kind of describe what it is and what was with it so we can do what we can to locate it for you," said Horn.

Horn also said most of the time they can return the items to its rightful owner

“Its always a great phone call to say hey we found that item for you,” said Horn.

As for Banks, finding this picture will make her more careful when she is giving away her own things.

“It makes you look through things and check your pockets,” she said.

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