Tiger Woods winning Masters hopes to have more interested in golf

Golfers react to Master's win

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Tiger Woods had a momentous occasion on Sunday. He won the Masters Tournament. This was his fifth Masters win and 15th major win.

This particular win was a defining moment for the 43-year-old pro golfer as it is being labeled the greatest comeback in golf history. He hasn’t won the Masters since 2005 and has dealt with back surgery and a number of other things that kept him not making the cut in past tournaments.

Heartland News talked with Cape Jaycee Municipal Golf Course employees about Tiger's big win and how that could have an impact with the sport of golf.

"I think it's good for the game," Cape Jaycee Municipal Golf Course Manager Cody Hinkebein said. "I think Tiger brings a lot of people out. As you can see on the Masters, a lot of people were there to watch him and root for him. I think in any sport, when the main guy does good, it's good for the game."

Locally there were a lot of fans rooting for Woods as he putted his way to victory. A Cape Jaycee employee there said it was a very remarkable win.

“It was a big deal because of his surgeries, injuries and all the time he’s been off from golf, (to) come back and win the Masters for the fifth time. That’s pretty good,” Charlie Seabaugh said.

Hinkebein feels there are already some local impacts from Tiger’s big win that could help business and get more people out to play the game.

"You get them talking about it at work,' Hinkebein said. “I was at the hardware store and people are talking about Tiger winning. I think that maybe brings it to the forefront of their mind, ‘hey let’s go play some golf or let’s get out.’ Maybe kids are watching, ‘hey let me see if I can go do that.’”

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