One Carbondale shooting victim speaks out while in the hospital

Carbondale bar look for more security after shooting

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - As Carbondale Police are still searching for the suspect in Friday night’s shooting, one out of the four victim recounts his experience from the night.

Vietnam Veteran John Diamond, 71, sits in his bed in the Progessive Care Unit in Carbondale Memorial Hospital.

Diamond compared his tour in Vietnam was to him the same as getting shot on Washington Avenue in Carbondale. He clearly recounts what he remembers three days ago.

“I was enjoying a cocktail with two friends in the biergarten of Tres, the lower level," he said. “(And) all of a sudden - pop, pop, pop - started happening and I know the difference between firecrackers and bullet. As I was rolling off my chair I caught a bullet in the butt."

After a car accident in 2015, Diamond says he is learning to walk all over again. He says there’s still a bullet lodged in his tail bone that will stay there. While still in pain, Diamond hopes to leave the hospital soon.

The general manager at the local restaurant nearby the shooting, Taylor Vaughn, says even though the was an isolated incident, they will still beef up their security cameras. “This is the first time anything like this has happened here," Vaughn says.

Vaughn explains what she witnessed when she got to the scene. “From what I understand there was two likely shooters in between us and ABC in the little alley and ricochet or stray bullet came through our fence from the patio and hit a patron.”

Diamond encourages people to continue to support the community by continuing to be patrons of the local businesses.

“I’d be there right now if i could walk," Diamond said. "Go right out there and sit in the same seat.”

According to Carbondale Police Department, one of the suspects is identified as Jody L. Pullen, Jr. of Carbondale. Pullen has a long criminal record in Jackson County. He is still at-large.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the City of Carbondale Police Department at (618) 457-3200.

You may also call the Carbondale/SIU Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at (618) 549-COPS (2677) or the Murphysboro/Jackson County anonymous tip line at (618) 687-COPS (2677).

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