Mock crash shows students danger of drunk/distracted driving

Cape Central students experience mock crash

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Cape Central High School students saw first hand how drunk and distracted driving can have a devastating impact on themselves or a loved one’s life.

Students crowded around a mock two-vehicle drunk driving car accident that left one person dead and several injured. First responders raced to the scene and were able to help out the crash victims and show the students the harsh effects from a drunk driving accident.

“It was all really crazy. Like it was actually happening,” Cape Central Sophomore Shalom Kamau described. “Just thinking about what people can learn from this. That it can happen to anybody. It’s not just a certain group of people that it can happen to.”

The program called TRACTION (Teens taking action to prevent traffic crashes) and the Cape Central High School's Team Spirit presented the alcohol awareness and drunk driving docudrama. Students also took part in the mock crash as crash victims and friends reacting to the crash.

“It brings awareness to how much impact this has to our community and to teens especially,” Cape Central Senior Jacqui Lang said. “Every 15 minutes, a teen in America dies of a car crash. So it’s a really big issue so we just want to be doing something to bring awareness to it.”

This particular crash focused on drunk and distracted driving, but also to show it's important to be as safe as possible while you're in the car to help prevent the possibility of injuries.

“It’s showing that seat belts can be important but it’s also showing that you don’t drive while you’re drunk,” Cape Central Junior Destiny Cowling stated. “Just don’t drink in general because you can lose someone’s life. They shouldn’t be dead and you’re killing innocent people that shouldn’t die.”

This week long program features of number of scenarios that promote safe driving. This includes checking on drivers wearing seat belts arriving at school and a grim reaper pulling a student out of call every 15 minutes to represent someone dying in an accident.

“If you’re not diligent about safely driving, this could be you and this could be your friends,” Lang added. “This is a thing that happens and we need to be aware of it and take action to prevent it.”

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