Last minute tips to finish taxes before midnight deadline April 15

Last minute tax tips

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Finishing your tax return is about to get more expensive if you do not file it before the deadline at midnight on April 15.

Waiting any longer will likely result in paying interest and extra fees, but there is still a little time to avoid that by knocking out your tax return online.

Steve McBride, a dad who lives in Cape Girardeau, says he is glad he got it done early with the help of online tools.

“It’s a lot easier online now than it used to be,” he said.

McBride switched from using an accountant to doing his own through an online service.

He says it seemed complicated at first to try and find recipients and itemize deductions, but then he saved time and went with the standard deduction.

“I encourage it. I did my son’s taxes last year with Turbo Tax," McBride said. "It was really simple, I was impressed with it, how simple and easy it was, so we decided to go ahead and do ours this year on there.”

If you are not tech savvy some tax preparation services have been extending their hours to help last-minute filers.

Joyce Horky works at Jackson Hewitt and says they have been non-stop busy for the last few weeks.

“If you come in and see us we’ll get it right guaranteed," Horky said. "Every year there are a good chunk of people who wait and so often it’s people who we remember from the year before, and we encourage them to come in earlier.”

Joyce Horky works at Jackson Hewitt and says to bring proof of your income, a photo ID, and social security numbers for you and your dependents.

“If someone for some reason can not find their information, they can file an extension,” Horky said. “But they still have to do an estimate and if they owe, that needs to be payed by midnight of tonight or they will be assessed penalties and interest.”

Horky said there are benefits to starting your taxes early.

“The sooner you file, the sooner you get your refund and that is money to spend," she said. "Another benefit is if there is some glitch there is time to correct that before the April 15 deadline.”

And at this point most Post Offices in the Heartland are closed so it is too late to send your tax return in by mail because it has to be postmarked by April 15.

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