File taxes by April 15 or you could face penalties

Tax deadline looms, don't get a late penalty

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The tax deadline is Monday, April 15 and it’s time to get your taxes done and postmarked.

"If you can't get it done by tomorrow, April 15 by midnight, then you can file an extension," H&R Block Senior Tax Analyst Teresa Robinson said. "The biggest thing you need to know about an extension, is it's not an extension to pay. It's simply an extension of time to file if you for some reason don't have all your documents and just can't get it done by then."

Robinson said the penalty for not filing is something you want to avoid as those penalties can add up pretty quickly. She said they see quite a few people and are busy as the deadline nears.

"It can be up to 25% if they don't file," Robinson said. "So they really need to get that done. It is a per month penalty."

For those who are waiting to the last moments to file, there are some things you need to remember to bring with you so you don't run into any last minute hiccups.

"One of the biggest errors people make by filing quickly is they forget to include all of their documents," Robinson informed. "This would be like interest, dividends, student loan interest deductions and things like that. Anything that was sent to you that pertain to taxes, you need to have that ready."

While the window closes for this tax season, many people will be filing into those tax preparation businesses to file. So be sure and call or visit these tax preparation businesses as soon as you can to ensure you get it done by April 15.

If you are preparing them yourself, make sure it is postmarked with by the deadline date.

“It’s better to electronically file because you know it’s filed and you have until midnight,” Robinson suggested. “If you are mailing it in, you only have until the post office is open to make sure you get that postmarked by April 15 because the IRS said that they will be checking that.”

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