SIUC shooting team pairs with medical school for research

SIUC shooting team pairs with medical school for research

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Members of SIUC’s shooting team have started a unique partnership with staff from the medical school and ballistics school to bring valuable learning experience to students.

Vice President of the shooting team, Helen Janis, said she had the idea to have the shooting team shoot dead pigs supplied by a local farmer with different caliber bullets, guns, and even specially designed bullets like full metal jackets and hollow points.

“We have some 44s, we got a 22 pistol, a 22 rifle, there’s an AK out there,” she said, “but all these pigs have died of either complications or old age and they can’t sell that for food.”

From the shooting range, they send them to the operating table at the medical school for students to learn more about these wounds and how to treat them.

“They can also learn to identify what the different calibers, what kind of wounds they could cause and what kind of damage they should look for,” Janis said.

Stacey Joseph is on track to join the medical school, who says this kind of hands-on experience is helping her learn a lot more about bullet wounds.

“When we looked at it in the pig,” Joseph said, “I thought I was gonna find like a whole bullet, but it turned out that the bullet had shattered and pretty much splattered everywhere.”

On top of medical students learning how to treat gunshot wounds, students from the ballistics school at SIUC got to take swabs of gunpowder residue to be studied in forensic and ballistic tests.

Janis said this is the first time the shooting team has tried something like this and hopes to continue it in the future.

“This is really one way where we can benefit the school, the shooting team benefits from it, and I think that in the future it can really grow into a lab scheduled into the class," she said.

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