Special prosecutor to not seek charges following complaint filed involving Stoddard Co. municipal elections

No charges against Stoddard Co. clerk

STODDARD COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - No charges will be filed by a special prosecutor after an investigation involving April 2 elections in Stoddard County, Missouri.

The formal complaint was filed involving the April 2 municipal elections in Stoddard County.

On April 2, voters in Stoddard County joined others across the Heartland in casting their ballots in state municipal elections. However, something about that election led to a request for a special prosecutor to investigate.

You can click here to read the formal complaint.

Butler Count Prosecuting Attorney Kacey Proctor was assigned to investigate the complaint.

The Missouri state Highway Patrol conducted a thorough investigation after a request of the Stoddard County Sheriff.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol presented a report of findings to Proctor. With that report, they did not submit a probable cause affidavit recommending criminal charges be filed against County Clerk Cecil Weeks.

During the MSHP investigation, they contacted the two voters who were alleged to have fraudulently voted.

After questioning, the voters told investigators they weren’t allowed to vote in the election. In fact, they were turned away from the polls and therefore never cast their vote in the election.

Proctor looked over the MSHP report and questioned several witnesses on his own.

He came to the conclusion that he is “Confident that he would not be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Cecil Weeks willfully and fraudulently certified the election.”

Proctor also said a formal complaint was also sent to the Missouri Secretary of State regarding the april 2 municipal election.

Proctor was unaware of what was contained in that formal complaint. However, he said the office of the Sec. of State did not find that there was any criminal wrong doing by Cecil Weeks.

Heartland News spoke with the Missouri Secretary of State Voting and Elections Office. Maura Browning said the office received the formal complaint on April 15. They had 30 days to examine the facts and determine whether or not to proceed with a full investigation or not.

In it, Prosecuting Attorney Russ Oliver said the allegations, if true, would be a felony offense. He said he had a conflict of interest and could not prosecute a case if it landed on his desk.

Oliver’s motion included a signed statement from Ginger McCoy, a longtime employee at the county clerk’s office.

McCoy said a Dexter School Board candidate called her office after losing his race by just three votes.

After that call, McCoy claimed she found two voters signed to a precinct roster who did not live in Stoddard County. She said she told County Clerk Cecil Weeks about the votes and the fact that it would be a felony to certify the election results.

According to McCoy, Weeks certified the Dexter School Board results on April 5, then asked her to hand over her keys and her name badge three days later.

Heartland News talked to him on Thursday, April 11 before we got the documents and asked about the complaint. He said he knew nothing about it.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol was asked to investigate the claims involving the election.

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