Heartland school resource officer to serve overseas

Student give send off to School SRO

FREDERICKTOWN, MO (KFVS) - At Kelly A. Burlison Middle School in Fredericktown, Missouri, Jacob Musgrove is a school resource officer.

But to students, he’s so much more.

“I think he’s very thoughtful,” said Ava Hovis.

And to our country, he’s a hero.

“It was surreal when you actually get the call to go,” said Officer Musgrove.

He’s going overseas as a Navy Reserve in May.

“I will miss being here. This job is by far the best job I’ve ever had,” said Officer Musgrove.

It’s his last day working at school.

“He always just makes our day cause he’s always smiling and waves and always tells us to have a good day,” said student Linley Rehkop.

Although students and teachers said they’ll miss him, they’re proud of him.

“He gets to help us and serve our country,” said Rehkop.

“Cause of the tremendous amount of strength it takes and bravery it takes to leave your home and go over there,” said student Dylan Ferrell.

“Especially as a social studies teacher when we talk about all these things to have somebody that they know personally who is actually going to go and serve our country, it really hits home for the kids,” said history teacher Alana Stephens.

On April 4, 2019, the students and staff surprised Officer Musgrove and lined the halls waving flags and wishing him luck.

“I tried not to shed a tear, like I was getting pretty emotional, but I was fighting it,” said Officer Musgrove.

But the meaning behind those words, School Resource Officer and Navy Reservist hold a lot of power.

“As an SRO I get to, I get to protect the community, But as I go overseas, I get to protect the country,” said Officer Musgrove.

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