Legislation introduced to improve duck boat safety

Making duck boats safer

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KFVS) - New legislation proposed would create stronger requirements and weather restrictions to improve duck boat safety.

Senator Josh Hawley introduced the bill following a duck boat sinking on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Mo. that claimed 17 lives.

The “Duck Boat Safety Enhancement Act” would authorize previously-outlined National Transportation Safety Board recommendations, including requiring the use of life jackets and equipping all operating duck boats to be more buoyant in the case of emergency flooding.

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The NTSB made their recommendations three years after a 1999 duck boat tragedy killed 13 people in Arkansas.

“Missouri still mourns the lives lost on Table Rock Lake last summer. Sadly though, this tragedy wasn’t the first of its kind. For decades now, the NTSB has been making recommendations to make these rides safer, but Congress has failed to act. It’s my goal to change that by introducing this legislation today. We have to protect safety on the water.”
Sen. Josh Hawley

Sen. Hawley said this legislation would go a step further by barring duck boat operation in severe weather conditions. If passed, non-compliant duck boats would be prohibited from operating until they meet the necessary requirements outlined in the bill.

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