How often to do you update your passwords?

Changing your Facebook password

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - When it comes to his finances Braydon Hampton, watches his passwords like a hawk. But he admits he’s not great with social media.

“I think it depends on what site it is like a bank or credit card yes but like Facebook not really,” he said.

Hampton said he always stays cautious about his passwords.

“Simply because some things you don’t want people to steal from you” he said.

It’s just as easy to steal your identity on websites like Facebook. Missouri Attorney general, Eric Schmitt is urging you to strengthen your password, and that means changing it often.

Eric Bennett at Velocity Electronics said people put their own accounts at risk when they use the same password for all online accounts. He said if just one account is compromised the hacker has all your information.

“You don’t want your Facebook password to be the same as your email password,” Eric Bennett said. "Once they have access to your email they can actually reset your password from other websites and gain access to those”.

People like Adam Walker said it’s just inconvenient to have different passwords for every online account.

“Because it’s always a pain when you got something that you can’t remember your password too,” Walker said.

Bennett has some advice to keep up with all those different passwords just change the characters on them.

“It’s very important that you use eight characters minimum, upper,lower case letters-and no easy words” Bennett said.

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