Cape Girardeau schools celebrate with Proposition Y passage

Cape schools celebrate with Proposition Y

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - On April 2, voters took to the polls and passed the Special Bond Election Proposition Y, passing with a near 62 percent approval with 2,207 voting yes and 1,362 who voted no.

The passing of the Proposition Y allows the Board of Education of the Cape Girardeau School District No. 63 to borrow $12 million for constructing, renovating, expanding and equipping school sites.

This includes the renovation and expansion of Alma Schrader Elementary and Jefferson Elementary Schools. In addition to that, it will allow construction on an early childhood center and construction of an aquatics center in partnership with the City of Cape Girardeau.

The morning after the passing of the proposition, two of the schools showed their appreciation to their supporters. Both schools showed their support Wednesday morning by welcoming students with smiles and high fives, making signs, and singing and dancing with the students.

"We were outside this morning celebrating, cheering and thanking all of our families and our community for supporting our future," Jefferson Elementary Principal Leigh Ragsdale said.

Jefferson Elementary students were particularly excited due to the construction of a new aquatics center to be built next to their building.

"Max, what are we going to do? What are we going to build?" Ragsdale asked a student. "We're going to build a pool!" student Max Copsy shouted.

Alma Schrader Principal Julia Unnerstall informed the students with the good news this morning as they danced and celebrated as well.

"Today was a learning lesson in what it meant that voters came out yesterday in support of our student's learning and what that meant," Unnerstall said. "That the community was really behind them; that they believe in our students and want to see them succeed."

One first grade student at Alma Schrader walked up to Unnerstall with tears in her eyes and told her how happy she was that the proposition passed.

“I cried happy tears. I cried,” 1st grade student Kennedy Frazier said. “I was happy about all the new equipment and the changes around the school.”

Ragsdale stresses the importance of unity within the community. Her student also said that it is important that everyone's voice in the community is heard, including the children.

"Our voices matter because we are the future," Copsy said.

"It just speaks volumes to know that we are an investment," Ragsdale added. "These people (students) right here are our investment for the future and that's what it is all about."

Unnerstall echoed Ragsdale and said that it will be great to see the advancements made to the school to help with furthering their education in an improved environment.

“The added benefits we’ll have in moving our students into being very successful students in a new and better way is just phenomenal,” Unnerstall stated.

“I’m very excited to see all the new equipment and all the new things that are coming.” Frazier mentioned.

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