City of Jackson to build portion of new police station on old cemetery

Jackson Board of Aldermen approves plan to use vacant cemetery plots.

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - The City of Jackson will be able to build its new police station, on a portion of the old city cemetery on South High Street.

The board of alderman approved a plan on Monday, April 1 which reassigns part of the land at the city cemetery on South High Street, which includes dozens of vacant plots.

According to Rodney Bollinger with the city of Jackson this means the city can move forward with removing the small, unused portion of the cemetery and will add it to the overall project site of the new police station.

The area of the old cemetery will be used for additional parking, driveways and landscaping.

The old cemetery area is located behind the new building where parking and access drivers are planned to be constructed.

This plot of land will help improve traffic flow and traffic circulation and add more parking behind the new building.

The City says no one came forward saying they owned a plot of land in the area they are reassigning.

The cost of the new station will be around $6.5 million.

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