Perryville’s Veteran Memorial Wall remembers Vietnam Veterans

Ceremony honors Vietnam War veterans

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - On this day, March 29, 1973, the last combat troops and Prisoners of War left Vietnam and came home.

The national day set aside to honor Vietnam War Veterans takes place on March 29.

Tonight, a dozen Vietnam Veterans and their families gathered to show their support for the millions of soldiers who fought and 58 thousand names etched in black granite on the sister wall here in Perryville.

Army Combat Veteran Bob Herschbach was awarded a Purple Heart says the new national holiday gives him hope that all veterans of future wars will be treated with respect.

“The support towards those that serve during Vietnam and their families is much higher today than it has ever been," Herschbach said. "And going right back to the post 911 veterans who served. Those veterans brought the life of what we went through but we’re never shown that same gratitude.“

Herschbach says a lot of Vietnam vets are still quiet about the hardships they went through, but says these events can open them up.

“You notice when they come in a lot of them will come up and see your hat, that you’re a Vietnam veteran. They want to shake your hand, they want to thank you for your service," Herschbach said. "It’s very important health wise and psychologically to help these individuals talk about some of those events that they went through.”

Herschbach knows there is close to 50 Vietnam Veterans from the Heartland have their names on Perryville’s memorial wall.

The next big event in Perryville will be a military day camp for kids on Saturday, April 27.

Ste. Genevieve high school students filled the room at the Missouri National Veterans Memorial to learn about national Vietnam Day.

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