Ste. Genevieve students learn about the Vietnam War at Memorial

Honoring Vietnam Veterans in Perryville, MO

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Ste. Genevieve High School students filled the room at the Missouri National Veterans Memorial to learn about National Vietnam Day.

For Veterans like mo Zurliene, he wants them to just understand the journey.

“Freedom is so expensive and a lot of young kids. I wish they would understand what this all about," he said.

Zurliene said by the end of their tour they should know all about the struggles of war.

"Well they should be able to understand what it took to be on the wall” he said.

Students like Nolan Klump knew exactly how important today really was.

“People that fought in the Vietnam war were very courageous,” said Klump.

Klump said he felt honored to just be there.

“I felt very privilege to be able to see this and happy that we live so close to such a great monument," he said.

The students were able to take a tour of the Wall, and touch the gear that the Vietnam Veterans once wore.

Living historian, Duncan Noack gave the students a visual demonstration that he says was not an option for him when he was in high school.

“I remember going through high school and we barely got to the Vietnam War because it was at the end of my civics class usually we stopped at WWII and it was gone” he said.

Zurliene said, today allowed the veterans to just remember those who did not come home.

“Some of our members took it really hard because they lost guys in their troops,” he said.

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