3/26/19 - Jay Knudtson on Prop Y

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Updated: Mar. 27, 2019 at 8:23 AM CDT
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Greetings Heartland!

I’m here today to talk about a vitally important issue that comes before the voters of Cape Girardeau on April 2nd. It’s called Prop Y and it’s for our schools.

So, let’s have some STRAIGHT-TALK.

You see, I, like some, was slow to come around on this issue – I was focused on the pool. And then I learned that it’s about so much more than a pool.

It’s about the fact that there is NO TAX INCREASE. It’s about infrastructure at Central High. It’s about modernizing Alma Schrader and Jefferson Elementary Schools.

It’s about a much needed and much larger Early Childhood Learning Center that will change lives now, and for generations.

Yes, it’s about a partnership between The Schools and City for a new Aquatics Center.

Look at the proposed location and you will see it virtually connects to the highly successful Shawnee Sports complex – a destination for thousands to play and watch soccer, softball and baseball.

Regarding the size and specifics: remember the School District has pledged to NOT sell the bonds associated with the pool until it can be done right.

Now let’s be clear, this is an extension of an existing tax and it completes the third and final phase of much needed improvements to our schools.

So let’s look at the record. Let’s look at the schools report card and it will show that graduation rates and test scores are up.

And it will also show that each and every time that they have made a bond related commitment they have followed through. Each and every time.

And they will again.

So, let’s continue to come together on this critically important issue for our kids, our schools, our city, and our future.

Because this is precisely what makes us A Better Heartland.

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