Congressman Smith meets with levee representatives to discuss pump conditions

Rep. Jason Smith meets with Levee representatives to discuss pump conditions

CHARLESTON, MO (KFVS) - U.S. Congressman Jason Smith met with Levee representatives of district number three on Saturday, March 23.

Representatives showed Smith the age and condition of the water pump used in the district.

Smith spoke about current conditions and the potential of more flooding due to events up river.

“We hit 56.51 feet of a crest the first week in March and it’s just the beginning of the spring rise, of course we’re still waiting for water to come down from up in Northern Missouri, St. Joe area, and then of course South Dakota still has their snow melt and Iowa and Minnesota so it’s going to be a long haul,” said Smith. "We’re making sure that the levees are working right, and they are and we’re looking at the pump station to see how we can help out.

Smith also discussed the practice of blowing a levee, like the event that occurred with the Birds Point Levee.

“If the corp would ever, ever get that point that they would have to blow the levees, which we do not, do not support, they better rebuild them immediately and that’s why we’ve always put riders onto word another pieces of legislation as we go forward because if the government comes in and blows our levees, they better build them back,” said Smith.

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