JCPenney, Southeast team up for Suit Up event

Southeast students to 'suit up'

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Another class of students will graduate from Southeast Missouri State University in May and the pressure is on to land an interview for an internship or full time job.

Looking professional is just as important as polishing your resume and this Sunday current students can get an extra 40 percent off new dress apparel, shoes and other accessories at the JCPenney in West Park Mall.

Junior Marlee Russell works at career services and will be interning at a law firm this summer.

She went to the ‘Suit Up’ event last semester and plans to go again.

"This weekend is a great opportunity for students to build that closet for internships or careers after graduation," Russell said. “You are going to have more options, something that is going to fit you, something that is going to be new and that you enjoy and you'll feel more confident whenever you go into that interview."

Junior Jenna Schwartz says it’s tough to be able to afford new dress clothes or find time to go bargain hunting.

“So when something like this lands in your lap it’s really hard to say no,” Schwartz said. "I still actually have the receipt from last year and i joke about framing it but part of that is a little serious because originally without any deals, clearance, anything it was going to be about $430 and i spent i think $36."

More than 300 people took advantage of the Suit Up event last year and Assistant Store manager Sara Gunther-Jackson says they are bringing in additional staff to reduce wait times.

"We had a great turn out, and SEMO was actually able to bus students in that did not have vehicles available,” Gunther-Jackson said. “One of our challenges last year was making sure we had some of the smaller sizes and some of the talls so making sure all of those things are really well organized so people can go to directly what they are looking for and the size they need.”

To make things faster, Schwartz says she is planning to get there early and recommends doing some pre-shopping.

“I think that is what i'm actually going to do tonight,” Schwartz said. “Go to JC Penney and try everything on first and kind of mark where it is in the store, that way i kind of have a map in my head."

Southeast alumni, facility and staff at the university can also take advantage of this extra 40 percent off.

The suit up event is this Sunday, March 24 and from 5 to 9:30 p.m.

The university also has a ‘Career Closet’ on campus where people can donate and pick up used dress clothes.

“It’s in the food pantry and text book rental at the Library,” Russell said. “You can go in and anything is free of charge if you need it for an interview and it’s all in pretty good condition.”

The ‘Career Closet’ is open from from 12 noon to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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