3 bids made on former Cape Girardeau Police Department headquarters

Former Cape Police Department building for sale

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - After being vacant for more than year, the city is selling the former Cape Girardeau Police Headquarters at 40 South Sprigg Street.

A city spokesperson said on Tuesday, March 26 there were three closed bids and they were discussed at the next city council meeting in closed session.

According to the city: “The old (police department) was a closed session item. Council directed staff to proceed with their preferred bidder and it will be on a future agenda for action-most likely the April 15 meeting. “

Bids were being accepted to purchase the two-story police station, which is 16,770 square feet and has a basement, as well as the 1.83 acre lot it’s on.

The brick structure was erected in 1975, and Lt. Rick Schmidt says it has gone through several renovations over the years and was built to last.

“This building is a tank. I mean how many bad storms I’ve road out in this building, no issues. It’s still here," Schmidt said. "The HVAC system is still running and were standing on the floor and it’s completely dry. I mean the possibilities are endless and the building will live on quicker as soon as we can get somebody in to re-purpose it.”

The city property also includes about 20,500 square feet of paved concrete sidewalks, driveways, parking spaces, a large gravel parking lot and and a single-family home which was used by police for storage space.

All together it was appraised for $376,000 in late 2018.

“That is very low so i think it’s going to be a golden opportunity for the investor,” said Steven Majeed owns SEMO Gas, which is a block away from the old police station.

He thinks it could transformed into office space, a homeless shelter or even student housing.

“An empty building is just an eyesore right now so i really want something that would really help us here and then help the community too," Majeed said. "Especially when there is going to be a lot of activities and then it’s going to bring more business.”

The modular building on the north side of the police station is not part of the sale and will be removed before closing along with a generator that is on the property.

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