Downstate IL mostly disapproves of Governor Pritzker job performance

Gov. approval ratings

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A poll from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University Carbondale shows Illinois registered voters have mixed reviews about current political leaders.

Voters were asked whether they approve or oppose the jobs being done by Democratic Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, President Donald trump, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan and Illinois Senate President John Cullerton.

Gov. Pritzker was sworn in mid-January. During his two months as leader of the state, more than 1,000 respondents to the poll graded him on how well he’s been doing his job.

Pritzker’s approval ratings seemed to be based on what political party voters are affiliated with and where voters live.

Respondents to the Simon Poll gave Gov. Pritzker a 40 percent positive job rating, while 38 percent disapproved, and 15 percent had no opinion.

In comparison, former Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner received a 37 percent approval and 31 percent disapproval during the same duration in his term.

The mixed reviews of the Simon Poll are felt around the SIU campus. For example, Edward Benyas with SIU School of Music says Pritzker is doing a good job as governor.

“Well I think the last governor was a disaster and I think Pritzker’s got us on the right track along with the democratic super majority,” said Benyas.

Benyas mentions the billions of dollars in debt the state of Illinois has accrued.

“Well we gotta raise revenue and secondly, we gotta use the revenue wisely. We gotta make sure we get our deficit down and get our pension liability down and we don’t cause people to leave the state,” said Benyas.

SIU Law School Republicans student member, Patrick Campion, disapproves of Gov. Pritzker. Campion opposes Pritzker’s graduated income tax plan.

“It’s going to force a lot of wealthy people out of the state," said Campion. "I do know several wealthy people and again, they said they would leave the state if it comes to that.”

According to the survey, 50 percent of people who live in Chicago approve of Pritzker. SIU Sophomore Austin Brown echoes that feeling.

“I’m excited to see all the policy changes that he’s going to bring to the state,” Brown said.

While Campion may not approve of of Pritzker, he says he’s hopeful he could turn it in the state around.

“Republican or Democrat, I just hope that we can restore Illinois,” said Campion

In the poll review, the Director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute John Shaw summarized the survey.

“Illinois remains a strikingly divided and polarized state,” said Shaw.

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