Deputy’s body cam captures high school promposal

Caught on body camp video: Deputy helps teen with promposal

HAMILTON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - A sheriff’s deputy helped a high school student ask his date to prom; and it was caught on video.

Hamilton High School student Derrick Epperson asked Jevin Shreve to prom with the help of Deputy Bryson.

The sheriff’s office posted the body cam video on Facebook on Monday, March 18.

“One thing you always hear law enforcement say when asked why they got into this line of work is they wanted to help people. Today Deputy Bryson was able to help out Hamilton County High School student Derrick Epperson ask Jevin Shreve to be his date to prom.”

In the video, you can see the deputy pulling Epperson over and putting him in the patrol vehicle.

He then goes back to talk to Jevin Shreve and asks here to get out of the truck. The deputy walked her to the patrol vehicle where Epperson was waiting inside with a poster asking Shreve to prom.

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