Volunteers place flags for Sgt. Holli Bolinski’s funeral service

Volunteers places flags along funeral route

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - More than 300 volunteers placed more than 1,500 flags to honor a fallen soldier.

Sgt. Holli Bolinski died in a vehicle accident while serving in Kuwait. The Hope for Heroes program and volunteers placed flags along the funeral procession route

“They paid the ultimate sacrifice, the least we could do is bring them home with a little bit of dignity and honor,” said Army veteran Rob Pfister. “It’s important we teach our kids you gotta remember our soldiers. It’s not about what we are doing out here, it’s trying to make a difference for those who don’t have them around anymore.”

Kendra Carson is a close family friend of Sgt. Bolinski and said she volunteered because that’s what Bolinski would have done.

”She gave up everything for us...so this is for her," said Carson. “I mean she would be the first one out here to honor her brothers or her sisters. She would honor a stranger. I mean that’s who she was.”

Hope for Heroes, along with help from Larry the Flag Man, donated the flags and the community came together to place the flags along the funeral route. Coordinator Chip Shaffer said the community is a unique one.

“That’s impressive because that’s a community that pulls together. And they are very strong down here...it makes you proud to be an american again," said Shaffer.

”I want Holli’s family to know that they are not alone. that because of her sacrifice we have our freedom. and I want them to know that we have our freedom," said Carson.

Her funeral services are scheduled for later in the week.

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