Health and Wellness Expo in Cape Girardeau exposes resources to community

Health and Wellness Expo in Cape Girardeau exposes resources to community

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The 2019 Health and Wellness Expo kicked off at the Osage Centre on Saturday.

The event featured more than 100 vendors with more than a 1,000 people checking out the booths at the event.

The expo is a free event for the community to help get the name out for different resources that are available in the area from nutrition consultation, doctors, chiropractors and more.

"This event actually brings everyone together," Fitness and Wellness Specialist Christine Jaegers said. "We have stuff for children and seniors, fitness related activities and something for everybody here. I started this mainly as a way to help the community. There's so many amazing resources out there and I just want to let people know about what's here for them."

People we talked with said it's good to have so many businesses in one place to be able to talk to people face-to-face and get information they need.

"It's a great opportunity for the businesses and for everybody," Square One Wellness Registered Dietitian Ellen Gipson said. "There's so many different booths with different education pieces. I focus on infant nutrition, which is a very small market, but there's avenues for any demographic in health. Whatever age you are, there's something for you."

We talked with PC Wellness Centers Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Pursley. He said while many people go straight to their phones to figure out what issues they might be experiencing before making an appointment to see a doctor, he said he sees others pursuing a more quality avenue of getting help.

Pursley said coming here to this event allows many to meet and talk with a doctor about issues they might be experiencing and get advice right away.

"The idea that people are really starting to look for answers for their own health, take it into their own hands and really want to improve on their own is growing. More and more people are coming in and looking for answers," Pursley said.

Many of the businesses we talked with at this event say they get an extra boost of people trying out their product or services after meeting with them.

"I was just starting my business last January," Gipson stated. "That was the first event I ever did was here. I met several people at this event that registered for my classes. Now they're are my parents that have done my infant nutrition classes. It was a great launching pad for my business to start up."

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