McCracken Co. EMA: Most roads clear from floodwater when tornado touched down

Debris, flooding and power lines down

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - The tornado in Paducah served a one-two-weather-punch for McCracken County on Thursday, March 14.

Some roads are still under water from recent flooding, but the Emergency Management director said much of the water receded before the tornado touched down.

“On the flooding, one complicating factor are blocked roads,” McCracken County EMA Director Jerome Mansfield said. “On country roads yesterday, we went from 22 to 7 that had water over them. That helps responders get a direct route in. But if we have to forge through the water with a boat or special vehicle, we will.”

Mansfield said the dual disasters have been taxing on his agency, but said his first responders are trained to handle multiple emergencies.

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