Family picking up the pieces after tornado goes through West Paducah

Paducah man picks up the pieces after tornado

WEST PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - Relatives and friends came together in West Paducah on Thursday, March 14 to help a family clean up after a tornado destroyed their home.

Mark Holmes said he was only expecting roof damage when he got home, but he actually found the front-half of his house nearly gone. His entire garage was picked up and moved several feet. Large chunks of his home were torn off, sending his belongings scattered into the yard.

Despite the damage, Holmes said he’s seen an outpouring of support.

“My friends, employees from work, that work with me, and their friends,” Holmes said, "my neighbors out here all came out to help. Even the insurance agent came out to help just move clothes and stuff of that nature, too, and I really can’t complain. Good friends, family, neighbors, willing to help.

He said his family plans to move forward.

“The 14 years we’ve lived here, we’ve always enjoyed being out here. We love the country, it’s kind of private, but still close enough to the city to get in town...but, you know, most of it’s wood, brick and mortar, so we can rebuild,” he said. “Memories are in your heart anyway.”

Holmes said no one was home when the tornado hit.

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