Proposition Y in Cape Girardeau, MO passes

Cape schools asking for $12M on April Ballot

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Cape Giardeau School District asked voters to approve a $12 million proposition in the upcoming April election.

Proposition Y passed on April 2. There were 61.84 percent yes votes (2,207) to 38.16 percent no votes (1,362).

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On Thursday, March 21, former Mayors Harry Rediger and Jay Knudtson announced a commitment of $1.5 million to be used as matching funds toward the proposed aquatic facility outlines in Proposition Y.

“The funding donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, understands the benefits that this type of facility can create for our community,” said Rediger. “These matching funds create an incentive for additional private investment and demonstrates the community’s growing support for Proposition Y.”

The $12 million bond issue for Cape Public Schools on the April 2 ballot. The former city officials said this ballot measure also contains $8 million toward school improvements, renovations and repairs.

There are $4 million included as well to be used for the construction of a new aquatic center, which will be combined with the $6 million the City of Cape Girardeau has committed from the Parks, Recreation & Stormwater tax.

“The ability to delay the issuance of the aquatic facility bonds is a game changer,” said Knudtson. “This sends a signal to private investors and the community at large that the school district and the city want to do this project right.”

Leaders say, its not just to fund the upcoming aquatic center you’ve heard so much about, they also mention the big improvements at two local elementary schools.

“I think whatever it is for the school is worth it,” said Charlie Stokes.

“We need to learn more about it," said Angie Dombrowski.

Parents seem to be on the fence about Proposition Y.

“It’s a third and final phase of a plan that started in 2010,” said Superintendent Neil Glass.

Superintendent Neil Glass told Heartland News in 2010 voters approved a 40 million dollar bond and in 2015 they did the same with a 20 million dollar bond.

“We’re optimistic that in 2019 a 12 million dollar bond issue will gain the same type of approval,” said Glass.

He said if the bond is approved the taxes won’t change.

“The tax rate remains 4.1567 just like it did when I came on board in 2008,” said Glass.

With the money Glass said they plan to renovate and expand Alma Schrader and Jefferson Elementary schools, add an early childhood center and partner with the city to build an aquatic center.

“It brings up two of our buildings to a standard that we feel is acceptable for the 21st century,” said Glass.

For some parents, the proposition is a no-brainer.

“Anything to make it better for the children you know this is our future right this is what’s happening,” said Stokes.

And for others, they want to make sure they know exactly what the money will go to.

“We really want to get all the facts because the facts are the best thing to have,” said Dombrowski.

An information meeting was held on Wednesday March 13 and another is planned for 6 p.m. Thursday March 14 at Alma Schrader Elementary School.

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