Local truckers honor fallen soldier and soldier’s father

Heartland soldier killed in Kuwait

Truckers give tribute to fallen soldiers

PINCKNEYVILLE, IL (KFVS) - Local coal-haul truckers honor the fallen soldier Sgt. Holli Bolinski, 37, of Pinckneyville, Illinois flying the United States flags on their trucks.

The truckers began this outward support on Monday, March 11 and plan to keep it going also as a way to show support for their fellow trucker, Mark Sroka, Sgt. Bolinski’s father.

The Department of Defense said Sgt. Bolinski and Spc. Jackson Johnson, 20, of Hillsboro, Mo. were killed in a crash while on mission, and that the civilian commercial vehicle in the crash was a water truck.

Truck driver David Kellerman said he and other drivers are supporting the Sroka in the loss of his daughter.

“I said man we are all here for you, we are praying for you,” said Kellerman

At the coal mining company Knight Hawk’s dumping site right on the Mississippi River, multiple 18-wheeler trucks drove through with their flags on the window, lights or even hanging off the front hood.

Among the trucks was Sroka’s blue truck with the gold star and also a small U.S. flag.

Sgt. Bollinski’s family has asked people to be respectful at this time and let the family mourn in peace.

“It’s sad. We are all supporting him. You know, he’s having a rough time out here,” said Kellerman. “We stick together, that’s what it’s about, we got to stick together.”

Another driver, Bruce Eaton, displayed one of the biggest flags in support.

“This is for Holli, Holli’s family and her dad Mark and also for every body in the military,” said Eaton.

Eaton has family in the military, so empathizes with Sroka.

“We support each other, we support the the communities, the military, I mean we are just a supportive group,” Eaton said.

Currently in Pinckneyville, the flag at Pyatt Funeral Home is at half-staff and the funeral arrangements are pending.

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