Lone business in Heartland community excited for receding floodwaters

Pope Co. business reacts to receding water

HAMLETSBURG, IL (KFVS) - Flooding from he Ohio River has definitely taken a toll on many communities in Kentucky and Illinois.

Many businesses have shut down or reduced operations because of the invasive waters.

That’s was the same case in a small community in Pope County called Hamletsburg.

The lone business there called the Sand Bucket took quite a hit on revenue while the Ohio River was higher last week.

Sand Bucket owner Donnie Kaylor said their business didn’t have nearly as many customers since the floodwaters began taking over roads and cutting their paths off from their community.

“It closed a bunch of roads,” Kaylor said. “We have to take the long way around with Hamletsburg Road. Then they closed the Brookport gate so you had to take Unity School Road to Metropolis and turn back to Paducah. Roads have cut us off bad.”

Kaylor said this past week has been the slowest they’ve had all year so far and was several hundred dollars shorter in revenue for his business.

“I’ve got debts I have to pay,” Kaylor mentioned. “Most people do that does anything. Just have to keep it going.”

Kaylor was pleased when the floodwaters receded a little to expose the roads around Hamletsburg once again.

Sand Bucket customers come from multiple communities in Pope and Massac County. The open roads now offer Kaylor to start getting back on track.

“It will be back pretty quick,” Kaylor said. “When they get that flood wall at Brookport back open, then we will be going again.”

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