3/7/19 - Severe weather cut-ins are here to stay

(Source: KFVS)
Updated: Mar. 7, 2019 at 1:36 PM CST
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How many times have you been annoyed with us because we break into your favorite program for severe weather? I can almost hear you screaming back at your TV right now.

This week, weather contributor Dennis Mersereau wrote an article in Forbes.com titled: “News Stations Won’t Stop Covering A Tornado Because You’re Missing Your Favorite TV Show.” The first line of his article says it all. “Disasters bring out the whole range of human behavior.”

That includes the good and the bad.

Another quote from the article rings true. “Hundreds of people routinely send meteorologists extremely angry messages—and sometimes even threats—whenever they have to preempt a popular television show or sporting event to cover dangerous weather.”

It really goes beyond that. Angry viewers take to Facebook, Twitter and often call directly into our newsroom.


Because we broke in to golf, Survivor, soap operas or your favorite show?

But, in my 32 year career, not one person in the direct path of severe or deadly weather has ever called a newsroom where I've worked to complain about breaking into programming. At that moment we are working for them, their safety, their family and their lives are more important than anything including your TV show.

They usually call and thank us.

The Perryville tornado was absolutely devastating and to this day hundreds of people credit Chief Meteorologist Grant Dade for saving lives.

That's the mission. That’s what we’re licensed to do.

Dennis Mersereau is right, we won't stop covering a tornado or any other dangerous weather because you're missing your favorite TV show. And if you're annoyed because you feel the weather we’re covering doesn’t impact you at that moment, know that if you are ever in the path of dangerous severe weather, we’ll do our very best to help keep you safe.

A thick skin, and total dedication to the mission of safety will help save lives and make this a Better Heartland.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Click here to read Dennis Mersereau’s article.

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