Trash Issues is concerning Red Star Neighborhood and councilman

Red star trash problem

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) -Councilman of the Ward 1 district in Cape Girardeau, Dan Presson, spoke up on Monday night, March 4 about city council meeting about all the dumping in the Red Star District, and how residents are frustrated.

Donnie Springfield is a resident of the area. He said he picks up other people’s trash out of his uncle’s yard every other day.

“It’s gets tiring after a while,” said Springfield.

Springfield said it worries him because when he’s not there his uncle has to pick up trash in cold weather conditions.

"Really for him, he has to come out here in the cold and pick up trash and he’s about 70-years-old,” he said.

Councilman Dan Presson said it takes away the beauty of the area.

“In our neighborhood, we have a lot of really beautiful nooks and crannies,” said Presson.

City Councilman Dan Presson lives in the Red Star District. He thinks people see these empty lots as open game.

“They see it as their ability to take that old box spring mattress and toss it on the side of the road hoping someone else will deal with it.” said Presson.

Food wrappers, cups and bags form pile after pile on the side of the road. Presson said if more people knew where they could take their trash, maybe they wouldn’t leave it out here.

"These little simple steps of knowing where to take those refuse items that you no longer need or knowing what to do with items that have been illegally dumped,” said Presson.

Presson said it starts with citizens.

“As long as we can energize our citizens and get citizens to connect with the city and interact with the city on a better basis, I think we can really tackle this issue," he said.

His passion for his neighborhood makes this issue more important to him.

“I love my neighborhood and I love this part of the city of Cape Girardeau, and I just want to see the best for it,” said Presson

According to the Presson, the best way to do so is by being involved with your local neighborhood association.

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