Heartland families say their kids have seen creepy characters on YouTube

Reports of Disturbing Children's videos

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) -Many of you have heard about videos being manipulated to send very harmful messages to kids.

It’s happening on YouTube and YouTube kids, messages about suicide and even how to turn the oven on when your parents aren’t looking.

Here’s what we know right now:

  • These messages have been seen by parents and kids in the Heartland.
  • The messages have been edited into what would otherwise seem like safe videos.

YouTube is aware of it and says it’s working to remove the harmful content when it’s flagged.

“She says go open the door for strangers, go turn on the oven it might catch on fire and go get a knife and try to cut yourself." That’s what one little recalls the creepy character saying to her on Wednesday February 27.

“We as a community need to wake up and protect our kids," said Cassandra Bell.

She said her daughter hasn’t seen the creepy thing but she wants to make sure no one’s child does.

“You think that they are safe in your home and they’re not when they got access to the internet,” said Bell.

Heartland News reached out to Michael Walker with Cape Computer Repair to see if there is anything parents can do to stop these videos from coming up.

That’s when he said it happened to his daughter too.

"My daughter was watching Peppa Pig and about 10 minutes into the video this Momo thing pops up,” said Walker.

He said there is no direct solution that he knows of to combat these videos.

“If everybody flags videos that aren’t appropriate for kids. That’s really the best thing that everyone can do. But I don’t see any automated mechanism that is going to prevent people from seeing this,” said Walker.

YouTube tweeted earlier today (Feb. 27) that they haven’t seen any evidence of the Momo challenge being promoted on YouTube. If you see any harmful or dangerous videos to flag them immediately.

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