New organization at Southeast in the works to combat dating violence, sexual assault

New group combats dating violence, assault

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A new student organization at Southeast Missouri State University hopes to combat dating violence and sexual assault on campus.

The group is called Iota Chi and organizers say that sexual assault on college campuses needs to be addressed.

Iota Chi will be led by members of other Greek councils on campus.

The group will come up with tips for students to avoid putting themselves in a position to be victimized and to be a voice for students.

Organizers Trae Mitten and Bruce Skinner say Iota Chi has some very worthy goals.

“We have a lot of student interest, but up to this point we only had it for administrators, staff or faculty have spoken to our student and sort of giving them directives on how to act. This is an opportunity for our student to work together to tell each other how to act,” said Mitten.

Skinner said the goal is to educate students on these issues so, they can be advocates.

“The goal is to see a reduction or ultimately the elimination of domestic violence, sexual assault, and dating violence on campus but the more obtainable goal is at least at first is to help educate our students on what is acceptable and that’s where the peer-to-peer part comes in," Skinner said.

Both Mitten and Skinner say sexual assault and dating violence are issues students experience on a day-to-day basis and this group will be the voice to change those problems.

This will be the first organization run solely by students without the help of the faculty. The new organization will get to work this spring.

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