Codefi working to get new grant for program expansion

Codefi working to get new grant

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Codefi in Cape Girardeau is awaiting a possible grant that can help expand existing programs, including the Start ecosystem and the adult and youth coding program.

Stacy Dohognelane, Community Director at Codefi, said this grant will bring more attraction to the region.

“It will better impact our region because we are going to be more attractive to folks hiring people like that so it’s really mutually beneficial across so many levels, but it overall contributes to the economic health of region which impacts everyone,” she said.

She said the grant will affect the youth program in many ways. Dohognelane said last year they had 10 schools that participated in their youth program and now they have 17 schools. The youth program allows children to learn computer programming. These skills can help them when they are searching for jobs in the future.

“It's wonderful because its really giving them the skills to succeed in the digital workplace in the future and its also giving them very strong logical thinking skill.”

Not only is this good for the youth but the grant will help expand their adult program. The current adult program allows them to become entry-level computer programmers and get jobs.

She said the success of obtaining the grant is not solely based on them but the local partnerships of the community. This grant is expected to ultimately provide more technical assistance to the Heartland.

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