Wet weather brings out bugs, tips on how to stop them

Wet weather brings out the bugs

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - All this wet weather can mean some unwanted guests in your home.

With the rain and snow, insects are looking for shelter near and inside homes.

Chris Horrell, Owner of Bug Zero, said the cold didn’t kill insects off this winter, and they thrive in wet weather.

“People like for it to kill everything, but it doesn’t really work that way. If It’s really wet or really, really, really cold they’ll try to get inside.” said Horrell.

These pests prefer warm areas close to the home.

“It protects them from the elements, so if you’ve got like leaves, the temperature’s going to be a little warmer back in there than it would be in the regular air temperature,” said Horrell.

If you have tree limbs around the foundation from recent storms, Horrell recommends cleaning them up and checking for cracks.

“If you can see daylight out of like a basement door or a garage door if you can see daylight, that’s an entry point for insects or mice too. So you want to make sure things are good and sealed," said Horrell.

Horrell said to look for these issues before bugs make their way in your home.

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