How to prevent basements leaks before the next storm

Preventing basement leaks before the rain

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The relentless rain across the Heartland is causing some basements to flood, but there are ways you can protect your home before the next storm comes through.

Ater a lot of rain Bill Bonney, a long time plumber in Cape Girardeau County, says calls start pouring in from homeowners who desperately want to get the water out.

“There have been many a time where I have sat and patted somebody on the shoulder, watching water down in their basement and they are just in shock,” Bonney said. “Water in the basement, my septic tank is backing up and flooding, and its not like they want me next week. They want me like now.”

A flooded basement creates a musty smell and can ruin your carpet and other property.

When the ground is saturated from so much rain, Bonney says the water builds up around the foundation and is forced through cracks in footing and walls of the structure.

"It is important that when it rains that we get the water away from the foundation, away from the house,” Bonney said. “That the gutters work good. That your drains in the basement work good. Those are all critical to the success to keeping water out of the basement."

Before the next rain storm hits Bonney suggests digging trenches to direct water away from your house and installing a sump pump that has a backup battery.

"Those things are critical they can take the foundation water and they can pump it up and away from your house,” he said. “Be proactive. Fix this stuff before bad things happen and you're in good shape. I promise."

Bonney says a sump pump can cost between a few hundred to few thousands dollars.

Another important thing to check is whether or not flood damage is covered under your insurance plan.

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