Carl Nett can’t use ‘Trump’ nickname in Secretary of State run

Carl Nett can’t use ‘Trump’ nickname in Secretary of State run
Carl "Trump" Nett, a former CIA officer and member of the Secret Service who’s now running for Kentucky Secretary of State, claims his nickname was intentionally removed from his candidate filings.
Carl Trump Nett video still
Carl Trump Nett video still

(WAVE) - Secretary of State candidate Carl Nett will not be allowed to use “Trump” as his nickname on the ballot in his run for Secretary of State this year.

A Franklin Circuit Court made the ruling Monday. Nett, a Republican, can appeal the decision.

Nett, who claims the people in his hometown refer to him as Carl “Trump” Nett because of his support for President Donald Trump, filed his complaint this month.

Following the decision, Nett released the following statement:

“Today’s decision handed down by Judge Wingate is disappointing, but not unexpected given the propensity of activist judges to disregard statutory law, introduce arguments that were never made in court, and ignore or altogether misconstrue evidence and arguments that were presented.

“Lost in the muck of Trump Derangement Syndrome, which my opponents clearly suffer from, is the fact that Secretary Grimes apparently conspired with my Republican opponent, Michael “G is for Grimes” Adams, her personal friend and co-defendant in a Judicial Watch lawsuit, to alter my candidate filing without notifying me.

“I will continue to campaign for Secretary of State, focusing on my substantial background and qualifications while appealing this ruling through the May Primary and beyond.

“I will likewise continue to stand with President Donald Trump in defense of American sovereignty, whether that be at the southern border or at the ballot box, which is why I have put forth a plan to clean up the voter rolls and require photo ID at the polls.

“This is our country, and no amount of corrupt insider politics will ever deter me from fighting for our Constitution, our Flag, and the American way of life. To borrow a line from Justice Kavanaugh: ‘You may defeat me in the final vote, but you’ll never get me to quit.’ #MAGA!"

Nett said the Secretary of State’s officer originally told him he was allowed to keep his nickname on the ballot.

A fellow Republican running against him in the May primary objected, and it was removed just before the filing deadline.

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