Heartland elderly man scrapes off parking lot for fellow seniors

Elderly man scrapes off parking lot for fellow seniors

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Perryville received multiple inches of snow after winter weather hit the Heartland on Friday night.

Many residents were brushing off snow off of their cars and scraping it off of their driveways.

One person we met up with was Jim Maloney, 83, who was shoveling off some paths for people to walk on out on a parking lot.

"Well somebody's got to do it," Maloney chuckled.

He lives at a senior-housing complex and the parking lot there for all the vehicles for that complex. They ended up getting several inches of snow that fell there from the night before.

"I live right here at the Barnwell. That's senior housing," Maloney explained. "I'm the trash man. I thought, well, as long as I'm out shoveling the path (to the trash dumpster), this guy said he wanted to get out. I thought that I would do him a favor.

Maloney is one of about 25 residents that live in the senior housing complex and wanted to help out his neighbors with the parking lot.

Maloney said he is well aware of his age and the difficulties that come with the heavy snow and cold weather.

"I can do it and I thank the Lord I can do it. At 83, I think that's pretty good," he said. "I pace myself. Every few minutes I stop. I am very active every day. So this is nothing new. I probably do 45 minutes of aerobics everyday and I walk 2 miles everyday."

Overall, he said he is grateful to be able to help out his neighbors and encourages others to help one another out as well.

“I grew up in St. Mary. That town north of here,” Maloney stated. “You always did help each other. Especially because I’m from a family of 12. It’s just automatic that you helped and you shared.”

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