Grocery stores busy before winter weather hits

Busy grocery stores

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Grocery stores were busy this morning as folks prepared for the wintry storm on Feb. 15.

Heartland News checked in with Food Giant in Cape Girardeau, Mo. where every lane was filled with customers stocking up for the weekend.

Suzanne Shear with Food Giant said the store tries to follow the forecast the best they can so they can be staffed properly for the rush.

“This all started back in ’79 when Don McNeely forecasted we were going to have snow flurries and we had 27 inches of snow flurries. So now everyone’s got that in the back of their mind, so anytime they put S-N-O-W in the forecast everybody comes to the grocery store,” said Shear.

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