Residents concerned over bad roads in Perry County, IL

Worried about the road conditions in Perry County, IL

PERRY COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - With rain coming down, river levels rising and not a whole lot of sun, a lot of the Heartland is seeing bad road conditions lately. However, some folks in rural Perry County think they’ve got it the worst.

Mike Pulke said he’s been living in his home on Seagull Road for well over a decade, and the roads leading there bring him plenty of hassles.

“Well we go from zero visibility and dust all over everything, to mud packed all underneath our vehicles," he said. "It rusts our vehicles out and causes mechanical problems.”

When Heartland News reporters drove out to interview Pulke, our news car got stuck on the side of the road right by his house.

He said Seagull Road and Blue Jay Road are dangerously slippery right now, and they’re riddled with potholes that damage cars. He said it’s mostly a nuisance for him; however, he has real concern for his elderly neighbors in the event of an emergency.

Patsy Lipe with the Pinckneyville Ambulance Service said in all the 20 plus years she’s been a paramedic, there hasn’t been a road she and her crews haven’t been able to access somehow. In fact, she said she had an ambulance out in the same area as Pulke recently.

Lipe said when first responders can’t drive on a road, they will go to great lengths to get their job done. Whether it be walking with equipment, calling the fire department for help or even borrowing an all terrain vehicle. She said they’ll find a way.

“If we get a call in order to get to somebody who’s sick or injured, we will access that area in one way or another,” she said.

According to the Perry County Highway Department, the road is private and not under the county’s jurisdiction.

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