Officials monitoring roads after flooding in Alexander Co., IL

Flooding threat in Alexander County, IL

MILLER CITY, IL (KFVS) - Alexander County officials are all hands-on deck monitoring flooded roads.

In Miller City. because of the broken levee, the community is susceptible to high, flowing waters causing some to leave the area.

"They're gone, they are gone,” said Robert Houston. Houston is talking about the residents who used to live near Miller City, Illinois. Houston grew up here, but now calls it a ghost town. "That's because of the river,” he said. “We can look for a flood now almost on the yearly basis and when it get bad like it has been in the last few years, people move out and some of them don't even consider moving back."

Alexander County engineer Jeff Denny says there is a solution. "The biggest thing if we can come up with a solution and get the levee repaired. That would be a big relief to everyone around,” Denny said. Denny says because of the heavy rains, the rivers are up. So, Monday his department is taking sandbags to Cairo floodgates. He warns to take caution when driving. "When you see that water over the road, seek an alternate route,” he said. “Don't try driving through it because it can be very dangerous." "I just hope they fix the levee, that's what I hope for,” Houston said.

in September, the House members passed legislation that would provide the money needed to rebuild the Len Small Levee in Alexander County.

Heartland News reached out to Rep. Mike Bost’s office and is waiting for a response.

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