Grand Jury indicts Murray, KY man on 2 counts of murder

Neighbor speaks out after double murder in Murray, KY

MURRAY, KY (KFVS) - A Murray, Kentucky man faces murder charges after two women were found dead in early February.

51-year-old Shannon Scott, of Murray, was charged by a Grand Jury on Feb. 15 with two counts of murder, tampering with physical evidence and animal cruelty, according to Calloway County Circuit Court officials. He was also appointed a public defender.

His bond was set at $2 million.

He was also indicted on charges of theft by deception. The date on these charges precede the Feb. 7 incident.

His next court date is April 30 at 1 p.m. in Calloway County.

According to police, the bodies of 37-year-old Tera Todd and 77-year-old Evelyn Scott were found. The coroner said Todd was Scott’s caretaker who lived in her home.

Police received a call on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 9:47 p.m. from a residence on Catalina Dr. in Murray.

The caller told police they returned home and found a woman dead in the doorway to the garage.

Officers said they went to Todd’s home to check on Evelyn Scott. They say they found Evelyn Scott dead, sitting in a chair.

Officers searched the home and found Shannon Scott in the bathroom of the home. He was detained and officers said there was blood on his hands.

According to police, Shannon Scott was Todd’s boyfriend and was often at her home.

Police said they got search warrants for both homes and they found blood on furniture, walls, the floor and on the porch outside.

Evelyn Scott had apparent cut marks to her throat. Officials said it appears she bled to death. Evelyn had previously been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Police said a piece of door trim was broken off that had previously been attached to a chain lock. They found the missing piece of the door and lock in the kitchen. In the kitchen, officers also found a knife covered in blood and hair. There was a mop and bucket next to the sink with blood on the mop’s handle.

Police said it appeared as though the shower was recently used to clean up as well.

Blood patterns were found on the wall inside which caused them to believe a small dog was hiding from Shannon. Evelyn’s dog was later found dead outside in a trash can, according to police. They said it appeared the dog was strangled.

Spots of blood indicated that Todd had ran next door. Police said she attempted to go to the neighbor’s front door before heading to the garage door where she was later found dead.

An officer said he tried to speak with Shannon but he said he did not want to speak with the officer.

A search warrant was carried out on Shannon and photos were taken of his hands. Police said he had a bandage on his left thumb concealing a fresh cut that was still bleeding. He also had blood on his clothes and a long, new bruise on his back, according to police.

Officials said it appears Shannon forced entry into the home causing the door trim to break from the locked chain. They said it appears he stabbed Todd multiple times while she was sitting in a chair. He then sliced Evelyn’s throat and killed her dog. He tried to clean up the mess by using the shower and hiding the dog’s body.

This is believed to be an isolated event, according to police.

Neighbors were suprised when they heard what happened.

“Well mostly I saw him and like I said, he would come outside a lot and just look around,” said neighbor Karen Armstrong. “He seemed bored to me or lonesome or you know, I wondered why he didn’t have a job. You know I didn’t talk to him much. He seemed friendly. One time I was unloading groceries and he asked me if he could help.”

Neighbors said they did see Shannon Scott walking Evelyn’s dog.

The investigation is still ongoing. The two victims were taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office in Louisville for autopsies on Friday, Feb. 8.

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