Heartland thrift stores benefiting from Netflix series

Thrift stores busy thanks to new Netflix series

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) -Thrift stores in the Heartland are seeing an increase in donations and some are crediting the original Netflix series. “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”.

The show is inspiring folks to get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy and now those items could spark joy with someone in need.

“We started this process about a month ago,” Jenna Bartley said about tidying up her home. "It’s still ongoing it’s a really long process we thought we could get it done in one weekend.”

She said it was her husband’s idea to start going through their things.

“We started with our clothes and it was astounding to see the amount of clothes we had hoarded in our closet,” said Bartley.

She got rid of 20 bags full of clothes and household items and gave them to the Safe House for Women.

Safe House for Women Executive Director Jessica Hill said that she’s extremely thankful for the donations.

"Typically this is a slower season for us right after Christmas but this year our donations have been really steady and I know just talking to people. They have been inspired to go through their closets and their kitchens and their garages and we are very happy to accept all of those donations,” said Hill.

She said they take all kinds of donations from books, clothing and household supplies.

“So those items that maybe don’t spark joy for you anymore can definitely do that for another person and especially could do that for one of our clients,” said Hill.

Bartley said she was glad to give to an organization that gives back so much.

"I chose Safe House for Women because I have a cousin who is a victim of domestic violence and that is a really big thing that they can take these women and provide a safe place for them,” said Bartley.

Hill told Heartland News that they use the donations to furnish the Safe House to help their clients get back on their feet once they leave and use the profits of the thrift store to fund the Safe House.

Most thrift stores and non-profits are able to give you a tax receipt for your donations.

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