MO AG meets with prosecutors in Cape Girardeau discussing crime, opioid crisis

AG on opioid monitoring in MO

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Missouri Attorney Gen. Eric Schmitt met with prosecutors from southeast Missouri in Cape Girardeau on Thursday, February 7.

Topics discussed included violent crime, the opioid crisis, and human trafficking, among others.

Heartland News asked him about a variety of things including the opioid epidemic and the narcotics control act, which would create a opioid monitoring database.

“A lot of doctors know who the bad actors are who are over-prescribing or doctor shopping,” Schmitt said. “Local level relationships allow our office to know who to prosecute. I’ll let the legislators deal with the privacy issues but i think a database is a good thing.

Heartland News also asked him about scams in Missouri, specifically after a severe weather event.

“When you have a natural disaster or weather related event, that's when people are vulnerable,” Schmitt said. “Roof scammers or things like that. We want you to call us. We are going to fight on your behalf.”

If you want to report a person or business to the Attorney General’s Office, their consumer protection hotline number is 800-392-8222.

“Prosecutors are a vital part of the justice system here in Missouri, and I want to ensure that my office is offering assistance to prosecutors across the state whenever possible, “said Schmitt. “Today’s meeting went very well, and all parties undoubtedly walked away with new insights and opportunities to work together. I hope to continue to speak with prosecutors across Missouri.”

The Attorney General said he has also personally met with over 100 lawyers, judges, and prosecutors to ensure that his office is coordinating well with all possible resources and agencies.

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