Rep. James Comer speaks ahead of State of the Union address

Rep. James Comer speaks ahead of State of the Union address
James Comer

(KFVS) - Kentucky Representative James Comer spoke with the media about what he expects during the State of the Union address.

Rep. Comer said border security is a major concern for Kentucky, due to the flow of drug coming into the state.

“Well, right now we have a terrible drug problem in Kentucky,” said Rep. Comer. “Border security is a big issue all across Kentucky. I just had some drug task force agents leave my office and they said nearly 100 percent of the crystal meth and fentanyl is coming across the Mexican border into the United States.”

The issue of border security has been an major focus in government funding and another government shutdown could be possible. Rep. Comer said while a shutdown hurts many, border security can not go over looked and he hopes the President and democratic congress can find a compromise.

“What I hope the president does tonight is that he continues to talk tough on border security, but also try to offer an olive branch to the democrats and maybe have some sort of compromise with respect to DACA," said Rep. Comer. “When Charles Schumer shut the government down earlier, the whole issue was for not having a vote on DACA.”

Rep. Comer commented since the House is majority democrat and the senate is majority republican, it will require a compromise from both sides to get anything done.

When asked about how the wall would be funded, Rep. Comer said both parties have failed in keeping government spending under control.

“We’re clear out of control with government spending," said Rep. Comer. “That was the case with the democrats. The republican were in control last congress, the republicans didn’t do any better. Both parties have failed the people miserably with out of control spending, but we all recognize we need infrastructure investment.”

Rep. Comer is anxious in how the president will lay out his infrastructure plan, while being respectful to the taxpayers.

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