Flu cancels class at schools in Portageville, MO

Flu cancels class at Portageville Schools

PORTAGEVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Kids in Portageville, Missouri will not have school for the rest of the week after illness sidelines about a fourth of the student body.

“We would rather play it safe and recuperate.” said Portageville Schools Superintendent Micheal Allred.

Allfred mentioned that the district has never been shutdown because of the flu in the 13 years he’s worked there.

28 percent of their elementary school students were sent home or were already out sick with the flu by the time they canceled classes on Monday, Feb. 4.

Vanessa Presley has been a nurse for more than three decades and is now the communicable disease coordinator at the Cape Girardeau County Health Department.

She says flu season is reaching it’s peak and its important to teach children how to keep from getting sick.

That includes telling them not to put their hands or other objects in their mouth, showing them how wash your hands, and to wash winter clothing that may have germs.

Now if your student shows any signs or symptoms of having the flu Presley says the best thing to do is keep them at home.

“Don’t send them back to quick. That could even be devastating to the kid as well as their family, the rest of the kids at school, the staff. Anyone they come in contact with," Presley said. "They can even get sick again maybe not with the same thing but because their resistance is low they can get other illnesses that could be avoided. So make sure the child is well before you send them back to school.”

Presley says flu shots are still available and can reduce the effects of the virus on your body.

As for the Portageville School District, Allred says they will resume regular classes on Monday, Feb. 10.

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