Cape Girardeau officers focus on road safety, domestic calls after Super Bowl

Extra drunk patrols out for Super Bowl

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Many people watched the Super Bowl at a restuarant, bar or at a family or friend’s home on Sunday.

After the big game, many were still intoxicated after having a few drinks from during the game. That’s when Cape Girardeau police officers responded to a number of calls and took to the streets to make sure everyone is safe.

Heartland News joined Cape Girardeau Patrolman Kyle Evans who drove around the city to keep a watchful eye out on drivers and respond to calls.

Evans said they traditionally see higher than normal domestic calls and people driving while intoxicated on the night of the Super Bowl.

"There will be heavy domestics. Hopefully not but more than likely there will be," Evans stated. "DWIs come with Super Bowl heavily. Other than that, regular patrol goes on as the same. We may have several wrecks. A lot of times these are leave the scenes on heavy drinking nights or heavy events."

Evans said it's important they make sure they patrol the streets to make sure everyone stays safe.

"We put it at a very high importance," Evans said. "Other than going to our calls that's a very high priority for us to make sure we take care of the streets and make sure everybody is safe."

Evans stated there may be a lot of protected custody scenarios as well on nights like this one.

"Protective custody is just to take somebody in and we're not charging them with anything but typically that will happen," Evans explained. "People will be intoxicated and will need a way home or wherever else. They will be so impaired that they won't know where they're at. So we will take them in for the night."

While it was a night for many to have a few drinks and have some fun, Evans said it's also yet another night to make sure everyone is safe and sound at home at the end of the day.

“We have plenty of taxis here, Uber, CarGo is hot here now,” Evans suggested. “There’s really not much of an excuse to be behind the wheel anymore.”

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